General Description of the System Administrator Service

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the professional system administrator

Our IT support services are provided according to the ITIL principles developed for IT professionals. We keep your devices up-to-date, provide documentation and go through the necessary monthly maintenance. In case of a failure or a request, our operators provide a solution or escalate the task to our engineers, if needed. Our specialist solves the issue remotely through our remote management system or on site, at a mutually agreed time. Your dedicated IT contact person is aware of all your processes and you are free to have discussions either on the phone or personally. All work processes are fully administered from receiving the report to completion. Your report is received via your dedicated support e-mail or, in case of issues related to the mailing system or communication, by calling the provided phone number. In case of emergency stops outside working hours we are available through our emergency line. Our clients can monitor our monthly IT support activities via their access to the support ticket system or from the system reports. We provide a transparent view of IT systems presenting what to expect from an infrastructure and also what should not be expected from it. If necessary we work out proposals for system development in order to assure that the client’s idea meets the IT solution. IT operation is successful when reasonable solutions are found both professionally and financially tailored to the demands and the size of the company.


  • provision of ITIL-based services
  • IT contact person
  • IT infrastructure monitoring
  • backup monitoring
  • provision of licenses for the remote management system
  • operating a support ticket system
  • operating an event alert system
  • phone contact
  • operating an emergency line

Request Management

Providing support by IT specialists and ensuring an operative timeframe
for managing incidents and fulfilling requests and maintenance


Definitions related to collaboration

name meaning
Request All received requests.
Request for info All received requests for info.
Incident An unscheduled disturbance in the operation of the deployed system.
SLA Service level agreement with the definition of services, priorities and deadlines.
SLA runtime The service time frame specified in the SLA agreement.
Solution Offer The first proposal for solving the reported incident.
Response Time Reply deadline for requests and requests for info by the user.
Incident management Restoring normal service operations as soon as possible, according to the SLA.
Request fulfilment Fulfilling all kinds of user requests related to the deployed system.
Workaround Reducing or eliminating the effect of an incident or an issue for which no final solution has been found yet.
Problem management Eliminating recurring errors, reducing the harmful effects of unavoidable errors, preventing further incidents.
Standard change A previously authorized, low-risk, routine modification at an agreed date and time.
Project The previously authorized addition, modification or removal of a system element that has an effect on the current IT infrastructure or the service. It covers the previously defined modifications of the IT service, a configuration element process or the documentation.
1st line support first level intervention by the IT operator
user helpdesk, desktop support
device support, account management
1st line admin
2nd line support second level intervention by the IT engineer, escalated from the first level
server support, network support
device management (UPS, storage, etc.)
IT engineer administration, consultation, counseling, planning – 2nd line admin

Type of SLA

category priority definition SLA runtime SO / RT SLA
Incident P1 – Emergency an error triggering the shutdown of the system or affecting 70% of the entire infrastructure M-S all day Solution Offer 2 hours
Incident P2 – High central error that affects the general operation M-F 9 AM – 6 PM Solution Offer 8 hours
Incident P3 – Normal non-central error that affects the general operation M-F 9 AM – 6 PM Solution Offer 24 hours
Incident P4 – Low error that does not affect the general operation M-F 9 AM – 6 PM Solution Offer 48 hours
Fulfilment of request RT, RFI general request or request for info by the user M-F 9 AM – 6 PM Response Time 24 hours
Standard change Standard change the management of general issues at an agreed time none unique
Change management Project development and expansion tasks requiring planning none unique

Defining service points

  • remote remotely via the remote management system
  • onsite external location included in the agreement or previously specified
  • offsite the operator’s offices
  • visit site visit


Working hours of the operator

category days time intervals additional cost definition
support time M-F 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM none working hours of the service
closing time M-F 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM none a time interval reserved for the management of a smaller incident or request
overtime M-F 6:00 PM – 8:00 AM 50% weekday operation outside working hours
weekend Sat-Sun all day 100% weekend operation outside working hours

Professional liability insurance

Liability insurer: AIG
Bond No: 2350017994
Insured sum: HUF 50 million