General Description of the VPS

virtual private server service
server resource license and operation
gbl Data Center                                     

gbl Data Center (gDC) is the IT infrastructure of our own company. Located in a data center, it provides professional services for managing the server system and IT network of your company as well as for managing, saving and storing your business information. Created in gDC, the separated private networks are available for the international public through a 1000 Mbit broadband internet connection. Our WAN, VLAN and VPN solutions provide centralised services for multi-site companies. We develop, deploy and operate virtual servers for all operation systems.

Our packages

package recommendation CPU 2.6 GHz HT RAM HDD 10.000rpm resource monthly fee support hours support monthly fee monthly fee
Canopus Linux-based webserver 1 core 2 GB 150 GB 15 000 HUF 2 hours 14 000 HUF 29 000 HUF
Sirius Linux-based web, mail and file server 4 core 4 GB 250 GB 25 000 HUF 2 hours 14 000 HUF 39 000 HUF
Solaris Windows Server Active Directory and Exchange Service 8 core 8 GB 500 GB 40 000 HUF 2 hours 14 000 HUF 54 000 HUF
services provided by gbl Data Center Availability
hardware firewall service and routing Power supply: 99,999%
high-availability redundant storages Climatisation: 99,999%
load balancing VPS  scheme: 99,90%
VM networks – LAN / WAN / VPN Network: 99,95%
HA systems IP connection: 99,95%
IPv4 Hosting:   H-N-L-5/10     E-7/24

Server hosting and availability

  • ITIL-based incident management
  • server maintenance and monitoring
  • backup monitoring
  • operation of the support ticket service
  • gDC monitoring
  • operation of the event alert system
  • phone contact
  • operating an emergency line

 Request Management

  • Providing support by IT specialists and ensuring an operative timeframe for managing incidents and fulfilling requests related to the operated system
  • The operative timeframe covers operations completed within working hours only.

Working hours of the operator

category days time intervals additional cost definition
support time M-F 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM none working hours of the service
closing time M-F 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM none a time interval reserved for the management of a smaller incident or request
overtime M-F 6:00 PM – 8:00 AM 50% weekday operation outside working hours
weekend Sat-Sun all day 100% weekend operation outside working hours